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Student Tutorial Process
?The Seven ?Jump method ? ini dipergunakan dalam proses pembelajaran untuk menyelesaikan setiap pemicu (masalah), yang terdapat pada jadwal.

The tutorial process
The 'Seven-Jump' method for solve the problem (trigger) in tutorial process (as used at the University of Limburg, Maastricht, after Gijselaers, 1995)
'Jump' Activities Timing
1 Clarify terms and concepts not readily comprehensible First group meeting
2 Define the problem
3 Analyze the problem and offer tentative explanations
4 Draw up an inventory of explanations
5 Formulate learning objectives
6 Collect further information through private study Between meetings
7 Synthesize the new information and evaluate and test it against the original problem. Reflect on and consolidate learning Second group meeting

Student use this steps to solve problem (pemicu).